The Pantojo trekking is a full day tour. We depart at 9 o′clock in the morning from Correntoso, returning at 5 p.m., approximately.

The path starts few meters away from the Pantojo stream - around 11 kilometers after the Argentine Customs.

In total, the trekking comprehends 6 kilometers to the area of the valley and Patojo Tower, where you may observe the famous Andes Mountains.

The forest changes according to the season of the year, each of it has a particular beauty. In Autumn, the leaves of the Lenga Tree turn the mountain red and in winter, the landscape turns white.

The ascent is easy at the beginning, but when approaching the forest of Lenga Trees, the slope turns sharper and more difficult.

In Winter, tourists should use snowshoes - which have small nails - to climb snowed slopes. With these special shoes, climbing is easier, though the trekking turns slower and demands more effort. Snow sticks are also very useful for the ascent and especially for the descent.

Trekking with snowshoes is like floating without feeling vertigo. Like skiing without sliding.

The diverse geography - with valleys and hillocks - makes this challenge possible.

This trekking can also be done during summer time, even with kids over 8 years old.

As we go uphill, we find scarce and diverse vegetation. There is absolute silence.

Upon leaving the small forest, there is a terrace without vegetation, where the Pantojo Tower is erected, with an awesome panoramic view.

Descent is faster and you may observe the perfect and beautiful forest of Lenga Trees aligned by nature.

Tips for mountain trekking during Winter

Mountain trekking during Winter requires the use of appropriate clothing. Waterproof trekking shoes, ski trousers, gloves and ski jacket.

Before each departure, our Guide indicates us how we should prepare.


Appropriate winter clothing includes: ski trousers, waterproof sneakers, long stocking or pants, ski sticks, gloves, cap, 4 layers of clothing minimum (thermal t-shirt, polar fleece, vest or a third layer of feather and/or synthetic fabric, and a fourth layer of windbreaker jacket). If you are sensitive to cold, you may add more items of clothing.